The company “Sarco Engineering” S.R.L

offers a range of products and services in the field of industrial and civil construction. Due to the requirements and opportunities created by the domestic market, the company has managed to expand its range of products and services in both the industrial and civil construction sectors. During several years, we managed to bring and promote on the construction market in the Republic of Moldova, materials and systems of famous manufacturers from countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Romania. We also promote and use materials manufactured in the Republic of Moldova, with quality certificates, considering that it is a duty of all those involved in this field, to raise the quality level of local products to European standards.

General Enterprise

Our company performs traditional general contracting function.


A successful construction project is a perfectly balanced synthesis between architecture and engineering.

Metal constructions

Metal constructions are used in various fields of industry

Production halls

SARCO ENGINEERING builds industrial halls of all shapes and sizes

Cold storage

Keeping fruits, vegetables or other products can become a problem for farmers.

Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are used in industrial construction.

Astron Constructions

Our company performs the traditional general contracting function.